Hard FACESITTING for a poor Redhead


TANYA Loves to make Alixia faint!

Hard FACESITTING for a poor Redhead

The match between Alixia and Tanya was a mixture of sensuality and violence. Alixia started off strong, grabbing Tanya and taking her down to the mat. She then mounted on top of Tanya and smothered her between her soft and large breasts in a Breast Smother. Tanya struggled to breathe and tried to escape, but Alixia held on tight.

Finally, Tanya managed to break free and countered with a Boston crab, quickly breaking Alixia’s back. Alixia was left writhing in pain on the mat, and Tanya took the opportunity to undress and reveal her lingerie with lace stockings.

From this point on, Tanya completely dominated the fight, smothering Alixia between her breasts and overwhelming her with her sex-appeal. Tanya finished the fight with a Heavy Facesitting Smothering submission, sitting on Alixia’s face and forcing her to inhale her essence until she could take no more.

The match had been intense and exciting, with both women using their strength and sensuality to try and come out on top. In the end, it was Tanya who emerged victorious, using her seductive techniques to subdue Alixia and show her who was boss.