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Oxfighterz girls are fighting to bring you the sexiest female wrestling action!

The most famous female wrestlers joined us!

Discover the strongest, sexiest, most vicious wrestlers who participated in the oxfighterz wrestling videos. Dominatrixes like Mistress Amrita from Japan, but also real fighters like Italian Bianca, Sheena, Warrior Amazon and Antscha. There are also the Female Bodybuilders in our roster.

Dynamic sexy female wrestling fighters.

Our wrestlers love to fight, others are specialized in submissive holds. Most of them take great pleasure in entering the oXfighterz arena. Some like to humiliate their competitors by facessitting like Vixen, others like to end up smothering their opponent with a breast smother like Alixia. The most sadistic models do it in a gentler way, but so painful like Mandeelou, or even Tanya and her femme fatale look who practices extreme Boston crab domination like no one else. Actually she adores breaking backs of all her opponents in each fight!

Power monsters.

Suzy the black belt judo girl and her sexy muscles, Frany Duran, her Female Bodybuilder physique and his anger. Not to mention the huge beast, the massive, the insurmountable RUTH BIG MUSCLE and his incredible mountain body!