oXfighterz team can make it happen!

Your fantasy, your Sexy Female Wrestling Custom Video !

Your personalized sexy female wrestling custom video as you dream it.

You want to have your favorite oXfighterz girls, maybe wearing exotic suits, jeans, lingerie or sexy shorts, fighting just for you?

A specific move you want to see more of?

We got plenty of sexy bikinis, latex suits, jeans, sport suits… If we don’t have what you are expectig regarding attires, we can buy it for you!

We can make your dream come true: fetish fight, competitive, mixed fights, facesitting, domination, long and painful wrestling moves, ryona… your imagination is the only limit!

Please keep in mind that some of our wrestlers are only models, others are very skilled in martial arts and/or wrestling, so if you have any question on this, you can drop a line to Tanya, she will be glad to get your custom requests and she answers to every serious demand.

If you are not comfortable with this form, please send your email to custom@oxfighterz.com