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Welcome to Oxfighterz femfight wrestling short clips section!

This is your opportunity to check for the latest and coolest in everything femfighting!

These female sexy wrestling videos last approximately between three and five minutes, everything for a unique price, 3€!

Sexy fight and sexy action will definitely turn you on! These female wrestling and fetish fights are quite short but also very intense. Especially those with our beloved Nina, wich was our first Boston Crab Queen, before she retired. With these sexy wrestling videos, you will check how are our fetish fights as well as our fantasy female wrestling and kinky fights looking like, especially with Tchabadass and Alixia, who are into breast smothering, female domination and wrestling domination. Enjoy a sexy lingerie fight with Tanya and Mandeelou having fun with Irina’s body. You are going to love what you are about to see, and at that price, you are going to enjoy sexy female wrestling even more!

Please note that all videos of are copyright protected and are strictly for personal use. See legal notice. For futher information regarding payment process, you can contact Nina to