Tanya destroys Mandeelou.

Tanya makes the first move, slowly approaching Mandeelou while trying to grab her arm and take her down. Mandeelou quickly reacts, deftly dodging the attack and counterattacking with an arm hold. The two women fight with strength and agility, each trying to gain the upper hand.Finally, Tanya manages to gain the advantage thanks to her speed and technique, taking Mandeelou down with a boston crab. Mandeelou groans in pain under Tanya’s hold. Then she takes her down with a camel clutch. Mandeelou groans in pain under Tanya’s hold, which tightens even more.Mandeelou tries to break free from Tanya’s hold but Tanya takes her by surprise by grabbing her neck and smothering her with her hands. Mandeelou tries to struggle, but Tanya maintains her hold with force until Mandeelou is forced to faint as Tanya refuses her to submit. Tanya thus triumphs.Tanya dominated Mandeelou thanks to her strength, technique, and determination. She was able to capitalize on her strengths and anticipate her opponent’s movements to gain the upper hand.