Tanya VS Alixia


Tanya gets more and more Savage!

We knew Tanya as an elegant and very classy fighter.

Alixia and Tanya battled in a women’s wrestling match that showcased their strength and sex appeal. Both fighters had strong breasts and were determined to prove who was the more dominant.

Alixia had humiliated Tanya with a smothering hold, but Tanya decided to respond with a new, very sexy humiliation technique: the Breast Smothering Battle. The two women engaged in a battle of breasts, smothering each other with their voluptuous assets.

Tanya also used an intense Facesitting Smothering technique to gain the upper hand over Alixia. She sat on Alixia’s face, forcing her to inhale her essence. Alixia fought hard to break free, but Tanya held the hold firmly in place, forcing her to endure the humiliation.

The climax of the match came when Tanya executed a powerful Boston Crab on Alixia, twisting her into a painful submission hold. Alixia screamed in pain as Tanya held the hold in place, forcing her to submit.

Tanya had demonstrated her superiority in this women’s wrestling match, using humiliating and sexy holds to subdue Alixia. Both fighters were exhausted and covered in sweat, but Tanya was the clear winner. She had proven herself to be one of the sexiest and most dominant wrestlers in the circuit.