TchaBadass VS Vixen


They fight for Sexiness!!

Our favorite jobber against the vicious Vixen.

The fight between Tchabadass, our favorite jobber, and the vicious Vixen began in an electric atmosphere. Both women were determined to prove who was the sexiest and most dominant.

Vixen, a beautiful brunette with a piercing gaze, quickly took the upper hand over Tchabadass. She executed various Boston Crabs that left Tchabadass screaming in pain.

Vixen then took things to the next level with a Breast Smother, suffocating Tchabadass with her voluptuous chest. Tchabadass struggled hard, but Vixen kept the hold firmly in place, forcing her to endure this humiliation.

The climax of the fight was reached when she executed a Special Facesitting on Tchabadass. The vicious Vixen settled on Tchabadass’s face, forcing her to inhale the essence of her crotch. Tchabadass struggled hard, but Vixen maintained the hold, forcing her to endure this humiliation.

The worst was yet to come for Tchabadass. Vixen finished the fight with the ultimate humiliation: a Camel Clutch. Tchabadass was bent in half, submitted to Vixen’s brute force. Tchabadass’s body was twisted into a painful submission hold, forcing her to give up.

Vixen had demonstrated her superiority in this female wrestling match, using humiliating and sexy holds to subdue Tchabadass. The audience witnessed an incredible performance from Vixen, who proved she was one of the most vicious and sexy female wrestlers on the circuit.