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Tanya vs Nikita

Tanya and Nikita are geared up in some perfect microminimus thong bikinis! Tanya and Nikita's rivarly seems obvious, but the fight is clear right from the start! See how Tanya made Nikita faint in this terrible sexy match!

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Nikita VS Tanya [LATEX SUITS]

Blonde vs Brune, BUSTY Brawl!!! Tanya and Nikita go at it! They wear sexy latex tops and start taunting each other with muscle flexing poses and then they can't resist to fight each other..! Tanya uses knee blows, tries to smother Nikita with her huge breasts and bends her with a crazy kneeling boston crab! Nikita punches Tanya, puts her into a tuff...

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Maya vs Nikita revenge

Sensuality and violence! Maya struggles, she tries to counter but Nikita is vicious and tuff, she made her faint between her sexy legs...

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Suzy vs Vixen [WEDGIES MATCH]

What better rivals for a wedgie wrestling style match than Suzy and Vixen?! One of our fans challenged them to crown the wedgie queen at! Girlz have both top rounded asses and they all try to hurt their opponent as much as possible! Acrobatic figures with tons of wedgies, moves and holds combined with wedgies. MUST SEE IT!

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Antscha vs Amrita [CATFIGHT]

Antscha challenges Amrita to competitive Japanese Catfight. Antscha learned some new holds you've never seen her use some of the holds she used on Amrita. Antscha trained hard for this match. Amrita is the BIG TEST for her. Hungarian muscle versus Japanese muscle! Who'll win this tuff bout!? Thank you very much to our sponsor for bringing us these awesome...

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Tanya VS Alixia


Tanya gets more and more Savage!

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Breast Smothering Battle, Facesitting Smothering, Boston crab finisher.

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FIRST Fight for our suicide girl !!! Mandeelou and Vixen are eternal rivals, everytime they meet, they get their claws into each other and it is getting almost competitive. In a vicious fight to determine who is the top oXfighterz Girl. They both love to go at it and this is only the begining...

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Tanya vs Nikita Belly Punching contest

Tanya wants to have her revenge againts Nikita in a belly punching contest! Tanya and Nikita wears Sexy low-waist jeans, MMA gloves and Sexy bras, the looser is going to be humiliated and put into a boston crab submission! Who won??

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Antscha vs Mistress Amrita [CHOKING FIGHT]

Dominatrix vs Wrestler! Imagine Antscha having her legs wrapped around Amrita's body and squeezing the life out of the Dominatrix while choking her out. Amrita in a sleeper, grabbing the legs of Antscha to decrease the pressure on her ribs while Antscha tightens the choke and Amrita is shouting in pain and coughing. Antscha is merciless here, and increase...

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Ruth workouts with Clementine's body!

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